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Alcohol Education Services,offering substance abuse assessments and offender education. Legal services, letters and fax to court, we don’t just give you a class, we help you through the entire process. Court ordered evaluations. License reinstatement evaluations, assessments, SASSI

substance abuse evaluations, evaluations, assessments, SASSI

Alcohol Education Services,offering substance abuse assessments and offender education. Legal services, letters and fax to court, we don’t just give you a class, we help you through the entire process. Court ordered evaluations. License reinstatement evaluations, assessments, SASSI

Licensed & Certified by the Texas Dept of State Health Services

 Offender Education, Legal Support & Affordable 
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Alcohol Education Services

We are your “one stop shop” for court ordered DWI education, Substance Abuse Evaluations and Victim Impact Panels in a professional and confidential setting.  We help you schedule around your work schedule by offering morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes. We have expanded our course offerings to include Theft/Shoplifting, Anger Management, Parenting Skills, as well as business and personal courses like Communication Skills, Decision-Making Skills,  communication skills development courses, such as conflict resolution and many more.  

Course Offerings:

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Pearland Town Center

Located in the Offices East Complex

Pearland Town Center

  11200 Broadway, Suite 2743, Pearland, TX, 77584  

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Payment Plans Available

Court Ordered to complete an Educational Course?  

Most States require persons convicted of  drug & alcohol offenses, domestic offenses and many other legal proceedings require participants to attend and successfully complete an educational program certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services, or other  terms of certification and/or licensing

DWI Education Program

 12 hours   3 - 4 hour sessions  $100* (*Pre-Pay, $120 when paid the 1st day of class)  

Specific course topics include alcohol/drug and traffic safety problems, Texas laws   relating to    DWI, effects of alcohol/drugs on humans, alcohol/drugs and driving task   abilities, chemical dependency, symptoms of dependency, sources of assistance, costs of DWI, and decision-making.

Drug Offender Program -

  15 hours     5 - 3 hour sessions  $125* (*$135 on 1st day of class)

The standardized program is 15 hours in length and is designed to increase the knowledge of   drug offenders by educating them on the dangers of drug abuse and associated illegal activities, to identify their own individual drug-use patterns

Specific course topics include history of drug abuse, drug/DWI laws, dynamics of drug use,    drugs   of abuse, how drugs work, cost of use and abuse, health issues, HIV, interpersonal relationships, deglamorization of drugs, values and behaviors, past and desired behaviors,  getting control of your life, resource options, and personal action planning.  

Alcohol Education Program for Minors

 6 hours   2 - 3 hour sessions

 New Temporary Price Drop  $55

The curriculum contains information on the following topics: societal values related to   alcohol    consumption by minors, the influence of alcohol advertising on young people,   the physical, social and psychological effects of alcohol upon young people; the relationship between    motor vehicle and other accidents and alcohol use; relevant laws   relating to the purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors,   drinking patterns and     problems of young   people including abuse and addiction and   decision making skills.

NEW  Shoplifting/Theft

8-hour (1 Day)  Session 8 am to 4:30 pm       $125     

Court ordered Shoplifting/Theft classes for Offenders with court/probation ordered   conditions for Shoplifting or Theft. This course is presented in a factual educational  manner to help participants make better decisions regarding self improvement, values, and responsibility. Other areas of focus are goal establishment, choices and  consequences, and stress management. Upon completion of the course, the   participant is presented with a certificate.

NEW  Parenting Skills

 4-hour sessions  $75

Parenting Skills is based on helping parents establish healthier, more balanced   relationships with their children. Throughout the course, you’ll learn skills that will  benefit your relationship with your children, your partner, and yourself.  Upon   completion of our Parenting Skills course, we are confident that you’ll not only feel a greater sense of control over your own life, but that others will notice the changes   you’ve made in your behavior

NEW Anger Management

8-hour sessions (1 Day)     $125

Court ordered Anger Management/Assault classes for misdemeanor Offenders with  court/probation ordered conditions. The course is also offered to those who

want to attend for their personal benefit.

This course is presented in a factual educational manner to help participants make  better decisions regarding the violence, self control, confrontation. Other areas of  focus are goal establishment, choices and consequences, values, and control of emotions. Upon completion of the course, the participant is presented with a  certificate.

Substance Abuse Evaluation (By Appointment Only)

 1.5 hours  $125


The Substance Abuse Evaluation is a psychological questionnaire developed to screen   individuals for substance dependence and substance abuse. This screening   instrument will   classify individuals as having either a high probability or a low  probability of substance dependence.

Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

  2 hours    $35

This program is 2 hours in length and is designed to increase the awareness of   participants by    educating them on the impact that alcohol and/or drug use has on other individuals in society. Victims, family members and offenders share their stories   and experiences

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

 8 hours  $125*

This program is 8 hours in length and is designed to make students aware of specific   problems that being under the influence create and then what consequences follow   such actions.

Employer Services - Affordable Small Business Solutions


Substance abuse costs business millions of dollars annually due to related absenteeism,   tardiness, accidents, sickness and theft. An effective drug-free workplace  policy can    dramatically reduce many of these problems.

Alcohol Education Services Employer Services offers assistance in reviewing or establishing    drug   free workplace policies, training supervisors to recognize signs,  intervene, communicate   of substance abuse, and also manage performance problems. Assisting supervisors to  resolve immediate work site problems through phone consultation with experienced professionals.

We conduct educational seminars and supervisory training at our locations or on-site at your   workplace. We offer Drug & Alcohol Awareness training for your employees. We will help    develop and oversee a Patient  Monitoring system for employers. We advise on last chance agreements between employers and workers, as well as consults on all aspects of an    employee's reintegration into the workforce.

License flagged due to an out of state DWI?

Don’t take a chance with delaying it even more. We specialize in quickly resolving out of state cases. We work with the issuing state’s organization and have a successful track record in getting a quick turn around.


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